Logistics Solution

As global economies have become more interconnected than ever, many businesses are now faced with an unprecedented challenge of managing logistics efficiently and effectively at each touchpoint—from supply chain, distribution to retail stores.


At SML, we are proud to offer a simple yet flexible logistics solution catered to our customer’s business needs.


By tagging products at the item-level right at the source, our global RFID technology capability combined with our proprietary inventory management system ClarityTM has proven to provide our customers with complete visibility at each touchpoint, driving retail store efficiency and leading to accurate inventory. Our self-developed in-plant printing services Flexi print and Service Bureau can further help our customers fulfill their unexpected labeling needs on site anywhere, at anytime.


To streamline the ordering process, our own order management system E-Platform enables our customers to submit their tag’s info directly on the platform, and gives them complete transparency into their order status and distribution details.


Designed to simplify the manual ordering process, our logistics solutions are ideal for businesses of different sizes across industries.

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